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But I was genetically disposed to a T. B Miasmic genetic tendency Although I ate organic food, did yoga, took vitamins, still my genetic, pastlife dis-ease held me. It took another tragic death that psychomatically nearly wiped me out. Till I saw A Classical Homeopath who dealt with the auric response to my health.

And gave me high dose minimum homeopathic concentration to release emotional blocks, One such remedy. Staphasagria looking over shoulder waiting for next bad thing to happen very moon in Libra resentments brought from pain and violence I had to continue with emotional stuff to get down to physical. It is true we cant make health care simple. But an admission of it coming from more than just the physical is the realisation of our own responsibility to heal ourselves and know deep down love is truly what heals all.

Robert, digestion is sth node Virgo energy to me, over and under and assimilation of much ingested through mind or body. Physically or not. Kidneys is sadness,water energies, nth node Pisces its good to release mind indigestion or over digestion through tears. Maybe I have some understanding with opposite nodes. Coffee is bad for Kidneys. Well thats my little bit could go on and on but will stop here.

Thank you Robert for your fine conversation pieces. Aum Shanti Felita. Posted by: Felita April 18, at PM. Hi WHR - Our charts do in fact show us the lessons we need to learn, in terms of specific vectors. Of course, there are generic human lessons we ALL learn; our charts just show our individual timing and "cycles of becoming," as a great astrologer once put it.

Pisces on the 6th shows lessons of both intuition and compassion re: diseases. Could make for a great medical intuitive, if other planetary influences concur. As we elevate our consciousness, we lift our lives out of certain lower manifestations. We still must fulfill Karma, but as we move into Eternal Consciousness, old parts of the physical and emotional karmas burn off, so to speak, since we no longer have any resonant frequencies on the level of diseases we may have been once predisposed toward. From another angle, once we stop being unconscious about what poisons us, and we administer whatever "cure" or preventative is appropriate, then we probably won't get that disease, though all of us have some deficiency that will manifest physically as we age.

It's built into our dualistic system. Only when we are fully realized Yogis and Yoginis will be transcend physical decay. Remember that Yogananda's body smelled like flowers for 30 days after he died with no physical composition. But he did die. Our job is to learn how to live, free of fear and the causes of physical, emotional, and mental corruptions as best we are able.

That in-forms everything. The physical is where we work out many things, but the causes of disease are ALWAYS found in the astral and Manasic levels of existence. While seemingly a dualistic argument, in fact there are subtle frequencies where all Dukkhas arise from. Something you said in another comment stream has relevance to this discussion. This is confusion around an association relative to a root cause. The cause of all self esteem problems arises on the mental and emotional level, not the physical.

While I agree that behavior modification, changes in diet and biochemistry, and other beneficial means can somewhat alter the brain chemistry, never forget the cure is never purely physical. That approach gives way too much power to the illusion. ALL worldly problems are only cured from the application of various forms of spiritual energies to attune the brain and feelings toward the spiritual.

Power and fear drive these beings, and no amount of changing brain chemistry offers us "permanent" cures. Besides, taking that to its ultimate conclusion gives the state way too much power to give us chemicals that will guarantee we will not be a problem for those who decide what "cures" are needed for those who are deemed "maladjusted" by the state. There are "lost souls" who do habitually hurt those who are good people who have nothing to learn from being hurt needlessly and senselessly.

This is not a good thing.

There is good and bad, even if we manage to find an impersonal view that it's all an experiment in Truth. If the experiment works, we've used the right tools in the right way and time. If the experiment doesn't, it means we are in error somehow, whether in assumption or execution. Even if we make lemonade from the rotting pile of lemons and see the evil-does as "one of us," in fact there are many levels of evolution, and some are definitely agents for asuras, or astral dopplegangers of those who did evil on Earth, or other misguided ones.

But we must not ever accept that they are harmless or that that it's all okay since they're part of our hologram.

Autumn and Libra–Let Choice Begin: Risa’s Stars Sept. 25-30

Some evils we do NOT invite, such as sociopaths who create problems for others. Just because a devil is charming does not mean that it was "supposed" to happen because we're supposed to learn from the evil. Evil must be resisted from the beginning, given no power whatsoever, and cannot be dialogued with, since in evil there is no Truth. There are levels of what could be termed evil. Think Stalin here. I refuse to accept that those millions he murdered and tortured needed that particular horrific experience to learn something. While we can always learn from experience, that doesn't validate the supposed necessity of the experience.

We do not need to be subject to certain energies to know it's not good. While I accept "God is all there is," that doesn't mean I have much to learn from psychopaths hurting my loved ones. The opposite is "grace. While they coexist and have been linked by ego minds, they are different cosmic concepts that exist in any system of Maya. We can never get beyond Maya as long as our Consciousness is referencing any of this existence whatsoever.

That includes ALL of us. Again, the only true cure is on the spiritual level. I have never equated disease as unfair to innocents. But no one can argue that disease is a good thing, lest they bring it on themselves to learn that in truth it's not. To paraphrase His Holiness, we can all agree that less suffering is good and more suffering is bad. Wealth is an entirely different thing, and has more to do with inherited or self-generated karmas than "goodness" or "badness. Wealth or poverty is no indication of much of anything except where a person put their energies, consciously or unconsciously.

Consciousness isn't linear, but multidimensional across the 12 frequency zones of human existence. We can have fully mastered some frequencies, while still learning much for centuries to come in other vectors. And of course, there are "permanent" levels of higher awareness that can persist across many lifetimes of being here. Though someday ALL is dissolved in the ocean of Supreme Love-Wisdom Intelligence, for now this is where we are, on the level of learning how to transcend the Dukkhas. I do not accept that we "need" floods and disasters to grow.

Do not affirm that or you just may be visited by some disaster to remind you that these are not good things to affirm. As for shadows, they only exist as a result of light hitting a dense field. So really it's the denser the field, the darker the shadow. The shadow is produced by density, not only brightness, since a translucent object creates a dimmer shadow, and perhaps none at all. And no truly "enlightened teacher" is drawn into anything not in alignment with their higher purpose. It is incomprehensible that an Ammachi could be drawn into anything inappropriate.

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So while lesser teachers may "do and say ghastly things" that's no argument against those who are beyond such conduct. Some consciousnesses among us are beyond those dualities that plague most of us. Some are human, perfectly human, but without the erroneous thoughts, feelings, and responses of most. That's why truly evolved Beings have no "imperfections to further growth and self-examination," since there is no separation on the highest of levels. But there is causation, in that all manifestations are dependent on something from which they originate.

So physics is not entirely accurate in that respect. Some healers are beyond others' "weather patterns. I have no doubt as to why food poisoning occurs, or what good I continually derive from my willingness to learn to be a good cook which is a good thing whether induced by poisoning or not! Again, I do not believe we need "crap fate and general unfairness" to learn anything after a certain point, since even a lizard knows not to walk into a fire. If we want to eat well, we learn to cook. It's that simple. As for not happening, that wasn't in the cards, due to the sheer numbers of times it happened.

But I know many who have also been poisoned and still persist in eating meat, which is their choice, neither better nor worse than my own. I didn't speak of innocents dying of diseases as much as I was speaking of those who are given those diseases by psychopaths and sociopaths. This is evil, because the perp had free will and choice, while the child didn't.

I probably understand karma better than most, so am not confined by "the limitations of a single lifetime view. AIDS is not a good thing, regardless of how much we believe that disease and suffering is or isn't "bad. There are many lessons we can easily learn without assuming them to be linked to the necessity for suffering.

And children with AIDS from rapists probably don't want to hear about "the logos of impaired human connectivity. That's what Buddhism and other Higher Paths to Truth have demonstrated over the ages, producing various Eastern and Western Masters of the Wisdom who no longer need to be born but can put on or dissolve a physical form at will. That's a fact. And they didn't get there by dispensing with the view that some things are good or bad.

All great Masters have had very definite views about what is appropriate or inappropriate in seeking, finding, and living Eternal Higher Consciousness. While swimming in Maya, we must learn our way around, and all things and behaviors are not blessings, even if we find some kernel of truth in the immensity of suffering. That does not mean we're supposed to condone it, welcome it, or participate in it. All things do not yield higher awareness.

Hi Felita - Let me again express my sincere condolences on the death of your child. My own grief resulted in a massive case of boils for months, which I eventually healed in relatively few hours through Louise Hay's remarkable work. It moves consciousness and perception into healing modality, and I've experienced first hand how going to the highest Spiritual levels actually can precipitate "miracle cures.

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The tracking of diseases through Lunar positions is the way medical astrology marks the changes and how well certain "cures" are working for the particular disease. That's why sometimes we must try alternatives at critical times in the process. And interestingly, I never drank coffee in my entire life until after my first bout of poisoning that almost killed me. After that, it completely "agreed with" my body. I tend to cut back in Summer due to the overheating quality, but in Winter it's like a nutrient to my system.

Posted by: Robert April 21, at AM. It is about picking one's way through the chaos. Do you think our imagination developed the huge good bad flipflop and finally got us overthinking, attributing meaning where none was intended. Overthinking and rationalizing is a disease as also calvinistic suffering. Teleology is a disease we are burdened with. Sometimes things just are and we have to just be existing with our peculiar dispositions and diseases that are just states of being.

Suffering doesn't lead to much except fear and sometimes also to compassion through empathic integration. BUt the rape of a child really disturbs me. Why must it exist in the universe? Do we actually will suffering and torment on other sentient beings or is it just some sequences of bases gone awry? All faith breaks down in the face of such a Darwinian state.

Then meaninglessness stares you in the face. And you make up another superstructure to fit in a new theory to make sense of the disturbing oscillations in the universe. Amybe they are not disturbing at all. Amazing discussion Robert. Yes, we live in duality, we have to dance the dance. Yes, the energetic plane is prior to form. No question there. But as Ida Rolf put it, and I'm paraphrasing, the body is the only thing we can get our hands on.

And further, the body is a concomitant of that which informs and maintains it. They are the same content, same image, same information. I've already stated that in treatment schemes one needs to use ultramolecular therapeutics to neutralize the source of illness on the energetic plane. But once that's accomplished, maintenance of the tender new and balanced synergy is the feat to be mastered. That comes from good-enough posture of mind thru psychological know-how, spiritual practise , good-enough lifestyle thru diet and physical practises , and good-enough relational hygiene thru work, service, love, family.

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I know of other conclusions and results. See the endnotes to Dr. Gabe Cousens' tome on Conscious Eating. I have also done food work with addicts and criminals at a detox and found these results borne out in the practicals. Again, we like to cling to the notion that such cases are fixed, but they are fluid. We like it fixed because that makes the criminal not like us. If he can be restored to wholeness by some means, if his fate is fluid, then he becomes more like us, and we don't want to open that pandora's box.

But I assure you, restoration of consciousness and presence is possible. Our crap success rates here are more a function of how poorly we practise medicine and psycho-spiritual inquiry, and even more to the point, how much we need our collective scapegoats. Further, I'm not worried about the "state" using the connection between diet and mental health to its advantage.

It already is. See the work of Dr. Vandana Shiva and others on the nefarious influence of agribusiness and food denaturers. If you think bigpharma and tobacco are the worst of our bad guys, think again. We cannot select on which occasions there is significance attached and on which occasions the pipe is just a pipe. And this is not "overthinking and rationalizing" or "calvanistic suffering We know by now through the study of mythology, quantum physics and statistics that events and circumstances have meaning.

Because when such a lens is applied we click into synchrony and movement, instead of being trapped by limited vistas and destructive nihilism. Its important to use lenses that open us up into constructive possibility, avoiding those that leave us shaking our head and gnashing our teeth at just how fickle and "bad" things sometimes are on this chance and accidental planet.

Floods and disasters are motifs writ large in every part of human history.

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What's the point of wishing for a featureless ride when we know conditions are otherwise. To resist the cycles of nature is madness. And nature is chthonic. Creativity is about upheaval. The universe roars. The seas are calm one minute and chaos the next. Just a little. I'm not the one who's pinch hitting for the "good" versus "bad" camp, remember? Our every experience is chosen by the soul, is in accord with our capacity to endure it, and is exactly what we signed up for. No matter how "bad" the ticket seems, there's no point whatsoever sitting there complaining about it, feeling sorry for oneself or wringing our hands at how "evil" the world or other people are.

None of us as children can adequately grasp the "unfair burden" bestowed ever so specially on our shoulders. That's the domain of the quest for meaning in adulthood. Let me ask you this? Are you seriously suggesting that you would rather the kid grow up to be a bitter resentful handicapp because he got the shit card with AIDS on it through no "fault" of his own? Or would you rather said impairment launch the kid into his own journey toward some kind of meaningful engagement and constructive life purpose? I know which I would work to foster. Some of them make it sound like programs for good skin and whiter teeth.

Sorry to sound flippant, but I can't take such Saturnian constructs seriously because I have seen the shadow of enlightenment cast from the hem of many, many garments. And I'm totally open to the notion that its because of my own density, but I wasn't the exclusive and only common denominator. But that's another jaw-wag isn't it? I have had every form of "evil" and "unfairness" visited upon me. I've been taped up and left for dead and found in a vegetative coma.

I've been beaten with sticks, rulers, belts and chords over three hundred times. I've been choked, molested, and gang-raped. I've succeeded in various professions lived in relative palaces. Fundo de garantia calculo com Fruhlingsfest weiden parken. Motorcycle ka photo. Morrowind redoran.

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Unkraut mit essig entfernen verboten. Bedeutung nachhaltigkeit statistik. Harris teeter uptown charlotte parking. Best desktop gaming pc You could fall head over heels in love with someone you meet at a professional conference or financial meeting. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st brings the end to a labour of love.

Although you enjoyed this line of work, you're ready to try something new. Moving into a hi-tech field will be very rewarding. Not only will you have a chance to learn valuable skills, you'll also be given a greater measure of independence. Being able to make your own decisions will fuel your imagination. On the 6th, a Solar Eclipse will prompt you to launch a health regimen. Overhauling the way you eat, sleep and exercise will yield impressive results. Talk to a medical professional about building a programme that makes sense for your particular needs.

Fad diets and extreme exercise will only set you up for failure. The more practical your approach, the more successful it will be. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st puts an end to a role you've performed for a long time. Although you'll be sad to leave your old life behind, it will be exciting to make a fresh start. Take this opportunity to enrol in university, travel the world or launch a creative project. After performing your duty for such a long time, you're ready to embark on an adventure. Turn a deaf ear to cautious friends who are convinced you are courting disaster.

You know what is best for you. A Solar Eclipse on the 6th invites you to let your hair down and have some fun. This is a great time to fall in love, go on vacation or enter a contest. If an accomplished individual has recently entered the scene, go ahead and ask for a date. You'll share many of the same values with this newcomer, paving the way for an enriching relationship.

These are the zodiac signs with the most billionaires — and the least

Have family responsibilities been getting you down? Travel to an ancient city that has fascinated you since childhood. You'll have a wonderful time visiting restaurants, shops and places of historic interest. Would you like to earn a money or reward? Sign up for a competition; you just might win the top prize. On the 21st, a Lunar Eclipse brings an end to a prolonged period of seclusion. At long last, you'll be able to take your place in the spotlight. Don't be surprised when you become a virtual love magnet. On the 6th, a Solar Eclipse will create changes to your home life.

There's a chance you'll be welcoming a youngster or elderly relative to your household. Alternatively, you could buy or sell a piece of property. This transaction will greatly enrich you, giving you an added measure of financial and emotional security. It's also possible you'll do extensive renovations to an existing property, finding ingenious ways to blend historical details with modern conveniences. Whatever the changes ahead, they will work out well for you. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st finds you breaking away from a group that no longer serves your interests. It's possible a romantic or business partner will introduce you to people who have more in common with you. You'll enjoy forming friendships with fellow innovators. Exploring different ways to express yourself through painting, music, fashion or film will make the closing days of the month highly satisfying.

Terrific news about your career could arrive on the 6th, thanks to a transformative Solar Eclipse. You could get positive publicity through a newspaper article, television news story or blog. If you've recently published some work, the feedback will be enthusiastic.

There's also a chance you'll be sent on a promotional tour, allowing you to travel widely on an expense account. This experience will give you renewed hope for humanity. The changes ahead will give you a positive outlook that attracts even more good fortune. A Lunar Eclipse on the 21st brings the end to a public position you've held. Handing your responsibilities to someone else will cause you to breathe a sigh of relief.